Life is hard sometimes….we all need some recovery time.

Feeling Peachy has the space you need to find your way back to your body….

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  • Stressed OUT!

    Stress is the pits. It generally makes us feel like crap and most of the time we don’t even realise it. If you find yourself feeling irritable, tired but unable to sleep, and generally cranky a Feeling Peachy body recovery class is for you.

  • We all need guidance

    When you’ve lost the trail you need a Map to get you back. Finding your centre again isn’t hard but when you’re in the fog of stress and overwhelm it’s much easier to get there with a guide. With Kristie by your side, you will learn the necessary tools to find your own path back to your centre.

  • Creating the Space you need

    Feeling Peachy limits our Body recovery classes to a Max of 4 participants, so you can have the space you need to find your way back to relaxation and down regulate your body enough to absolutely Feel Peachy.