Cancellation Policy


UH OH! Life got in the way of you being on time for your booking – I get it! I run late too. So I can be mindful of my next bookings if I need to I will have to finish our session at the correct time, however if time allows I may be able to fit your full session in for you. It will kind of be the luck of the draw.


As long as you let me know you can’t make it – I’m TOTALLY cool. Even if its 10 mins before your booking You just gotta let me know. We can always find you a new time and massage is totally supposed to NOT be stressful so don’t get stressed if you can’t make it. You just gotta let me know OK? And how about this? It works both ways – If I need to cancel or rebook you I’ll totally call you up and let you know ASAP! Deal?


Thanks for making your booking and deciding NOT to show up or give me a call – usually I’m pretty chill about this kind of shiz, and I understand that life can get in the way, but when you don’t let me know you’re not coming and I’ve done my best to confirm your booking, it really bums me out if you don’t turn up and it straight out stops me from helping you or someone else to the fullest. To help me keep food on the table, I’m going to have to charge you the full price for your appointment that you had booked. If you decide that that’s too hectic for you, or that you just don’t want to pay, then that’s cool, but it will mean that I won’t be able to book you for any more session with me, as you don’t really value my time the way I need you to.